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The common viral disease shows typical signs of a severe cold

The common viral disease shows typical signs of a severe cold

However, the responsible active ingredient histamine is not only found in alcohol: Cow’s milk products, cheese, cakes, bread and salami also contain the signaling agent, so that you should generally pay attention to your diet when you have hay fever.

Alcohol as an allergy trigger

The active substance contained in alcoholic beverages can be dangerous not only for pollen allergy sufferers. Studies show: Those who consume wine regularly generally increase the risk of developing an allergy. If you are already prone to allergies, you should avoid alcoholic beverages altogether, recommends Professor Morr. The sulphites sometimes contained in wine can trigger symptoms such as runny nose and palpitations in those affected.

Don’t be afraid of going to the doctor

Visits to the swimming pool should also be reduced in case of hay fever, because the water contains a lot of chlorine. The substance can not only irritate the eyes, but also damage the skin and respiratory tract in the case of hay fever.

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If you experience the typical symptoms of a pollen allergy, it is of course not enough to just avoid chlorinated water and alcohol. See a doctor who will explain the risks and dangers to you and treat your allergy appropriately.

There is not much progress in the search for new antidepressants. A substance that is also illegally abused as a club drug is now giving hope to many patients.

The procedure on which severely depressed people like Barbara Reiger put their hopes takes 45 minutes. Every six weeks, the American from San Diego retires to a couch in a quiet treatment room, where highly diluted ketamine flows into her vein. "Immediately I felt relief", she recalls her first in an interview "Trip", whose effects she said had a positive effect for weeks.

What is ketamine?

Ketamine – an anesthetic that has been tried and tested for decades and is illegally abused as a club drug – helps many, if by no means all, depressed people who otherwise no longer benefit from any medication. In the USA, dozens of clinics and numerous private practices already offer their patients the slight high on prescription. About 3000 people have been treated so far. The therapy is slowly becoming better known in Germany as well.

The Situation: Nearly seven percent of American adults have clinical depression – that’s 16 million people. In addition, there is a growing number of affected children and teenagers. As many as 12 percent of American adults take drugs for depression. A huge, growing market. In Germany, where around five percent of 18 to 65 year olds suffer from depression, the situation is slightly better – but according to the WHO, the trend is increasing worldwide.

Further treatment options sought for depressed people

Researchers are therefore desperately looking for further treatment options. The most recent breakthroughs, so-called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) like Prozac, were more than 30 years ago. And they didn’t live up to all expectations. Almost a third of those affected do not respond to the various medications. It is often a long, painful journey to find an effective remedy. Because with every new attempt it takes four to eight weeks to see whether a remedy is effective.

At the same time, help is needed quickly, because suicide rates are rising – in the USA it is currently the highest in 30 years. So far, only electroconvulsive therapies have been available for acute situations. First doctors are convinced that ketamine frees some patients from their suicidal thoughts within an hour. "It is a paradigm shift because we can now achieve antidepressant effects quickly"says Carlos Zarate from the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH), who is in charge of researching the active ingredient there.

People often experience hallucinations while high on ketamine

However, the mode of action is not really clear yet. In contrast to SSRIs, the cascade of action in the brain does not take place via the messenger substances serotonin or dopamine, but via glutamate. It is possible that ketamine or its breakdown product sets in motion an accelerated process that helps change the brain. When intoxicated with ketamine, people often experience hallucinations or dissociative states in which body and mind seem to separate and reassemble again. Anxiety, insomnia, and flashbacks can also occur.

There are also still unanswered questions as to whether ketamine has long-term effects or perhaps even makes you dependent – since it may target the same receptors as heroin and other opioids.argumentative essay

Pharmaceutical companies are already working on ketamine-like compounds

Various smaller US studies have proven the effectiveness of ketamine in some of the SSRI-resistant severe depressants, but so far there has been no large double-blind study. The US approval authority FDA has therefore not yet approved ketamine for the treatment of depression – just like in Germany, only the so-called off-label use is currently practiced. This refers to the use of drugs in diseases for which they are not officially approved.

The American Psychiatric Society does not yet regard ketamine as a suitable agent for treatment-resistant depression because of the open questions. "Still, I think it’s the most exciting treatment for mood disorders in the past 50 years"says ketamine researcher Gerard Sanacora (Yale School of Medicine). Several pharmaceutical companies are already working on ketamine-like agents that can be administered as nasal sprays, for example.

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Ketamine works quickly

The German expert Malek Bajbouj (Clinic for Psychiatry, Charité Berlin) also sees potential here. With 100 patients so far, the Charité has the largest range of ketamine therapies in Germany. The success rate is only 35 to 50 percent, reports Bajbouj. A big advantage of ketamine, however, is the rapid onset of effects. "But even more important are findings about the special mechanism of action. You can open the path to new antidepressants."

There is no causal therapy for glandular fever or mononucleosis. The symptoms can, however, be treated – homeopathy offers one possibility. Find out more about the treatment methods here.

Important basics of homeopathy
Photo series with 5 pictures

Recognize symptoms of glandular fever

The common viral disease shows typical signs of a severe cold. There is a fever between 38 and 39 degrees, sore throat and tonsillitis, headache and muscle pain, enlarged lymph nodes, cough, chills and loss of appetite. Even if you feel tired and exhausted for a long time, this may be an indication of the disease. In children, the symptoms are often less typical, which is why the disease is often overlooked. It is therefore essential that you or your child always have a doctor checked for fever and severe malaise.

Pfeiffer’s glandular fever: homeopathic treatment

A high fever is a typical symptom of glandular fever. This can be reduced by means of over the counter drugs from the pharmacy – or by means of homeopathy. It is important to get advice from an expert for any type of medication – this applies to both conventional medicine and herbal remedies.

Belladonna, Ferrum phosphoricum and Aconitum are mainly used to reduce fever. Belladonna can also help reduce inflammation and swelling. The homeopathic medicines Phytolacca, Apis and Kalium chloratum are also said to be able to improve swelling and inflammation in the throat area.

Homeopathy also has some immune stimulating agents. Whether these have a positive effect on Pfeiffer’s glandular fever, however, is according to the portal "NetDoctor" not yet clearly proven.

Pfeiffer’s glandular fever absolutely requires rest and protection. Those affected should avoid physical strain as much as possible and drink a lot. The body needs an adequate supply of fluids, especially if the fever is high.

Mononucleosis shows a different course

Pfeiffer’s glandular fever is an unpleasant and usually protracted illness, but serious complications rarely occur. However, mononucleosis can cause meningitis, anemia, or pneumonia. In severe cases, you should therefore definitely seek medical advice. This is not always necessary for a slight course.

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Epstein-Barr virus as a trigger

There is still no effective remedy for the trigger of mononucleosis, the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV for short) – not even an antibiotic. Therapy for Pfeiffer’s glandular fever is therefore limited to relieving symptoms such as fever and sore throat. The use of antibiotics only makes sense if bacterial side infections occur. Cortisone is used for very serious illnesses with complications.

Cough, runny nose, minor injuries or a bruise: Sometimes it is worthwhile to have alternative remedies in the house. A homeopathic medicine cabinet in a collection case contains many useful products. We explain which preparations are suitable for which purpose and can be used to support a classic treatment.

Important basics of homeopathy
Photo series with 5 pictures

Healing similar with similar – homeopathy relies on this principle, which goes back to the German pharmacist and doctor Samuel Hahnemann. If you want to rely on homeopathic remedies, it is best to keep some preparations in your medicine case. The small pouch also fits practically in the handbag and you have the little helpers ready when you are out and about.

But the critics of alternative medicine are numerous: they accuse homeopathy of the placebo effect and lack of effectiveness. Especially because the healing method relies on the strong dilution of the potencies – so strong that no molecules of the alleged active substances are contained in the end product. Indeed, there is a lack of scientific evidence that homeopathy works. At the same time, there are studies in which the respondents describe a positive effect.

In other words: Homeopathy and its effects are probably a question of faith and everyone should decide for themselves – or even better in consultation with their treating doctor – whether this is a form of treatment for them.

Homeopathic remedies for minor injuries

Whether sports injuries or household accidents – according to naturopaths, arnica is the drug of choice for strains or bruises, which, like all homeopathic remedies, comes in different dosages. Even with the usual sore muscles, Arnica relieves the troubled muscle cords.

Rescue drops from Bach flowers are known as a further emergency remedy. They should restore the mental equilibrium after minor accidents, injuries, horrors or excitement.

Cold or sore throat – these can help

Belladonna – the remedy made from deadly nightshade – can be used for inflammation and fever. You can try Pulsatilla if you have a cold, bladder problems, nausea due to fatty food or digestive problems. The remedy from pasqueflower alleviates the symptoms.

Aconitum can provide relief for sudden cold or flu symptoms, sore throats, hoarseness, dry cough.

Help with insect bites, blisters and burns

Annoying mosquito bites supposedly itch less if Ledum (swamp porst) is used. After bee stings, apis (whole bee) can alleviate the side effects such as itching and inflammation. This also applies to wasp and hornet stings.

If you want to protect yourself against sunburn, it is best to stay in the shade and ensure adequate skin protection with appropriate sunscreen. If the skin shows red pustules after enjoying the sun too much, the remedy Sol britannicum can be of good service. Belladonna is also said to help with reddened, hot skin. If you have more severe symptoms, you should definitely see a doctor.

Nausea and diarrhea – and what works against them

On the way to vacation, some people have a rumbling stomach. As soon as you get into the car or plane, it starts. If you suffer from travel sickness, you can counter it with a few balls of cocculus (dummy myrtle). Nux vomica (Nux vomica) can provide a remedy for overly lavish or unfamiliar dishes that hit the stomach and intestines. But the same applies here: If the symptoms persist, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Natural healing: Homeopathic remedies for dry cough Eye complaints: Treat stye homeopathically Hepar sulfuris, Belladonna & Co .: Relieve sore throats with homeopathy

Alternative medicine has many critics. These accuse homeopathy of a lack of effectiveness and assume that at most a placebo effect occurs. The biggest point of criticism is that the healing method relies on strong dilution – so strong that no molecules of the alleged active substances are contained in the end product. Indeed, there is a lack of scientific evidence that homeopathy works. At the same time, there are studies that describe the positive effects. Therefore everyone has to decide for themselves – or even better in consultation with their treating doctor – whether this is a form of treatment for them. 

Although large studies have shown that homeopathic therapies have no effect, many health insurance companies pay for them. Critics demand that this must end.

Mercury, parts of plants, dog feces: highly diluted substances should be able to heal or at least alleviate diseases, believe followers of homeopathy.

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