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Sweating serves to cool the body naturally

Sweating serves to cool the body naturally

The program consisted of three to four monthly group or individual sessions over a period of one year. The participants received tips on healthy eating and behavioral changes.

Partners also checked their weight

According to Siegmund, changes in food handling and eating behavior are the most likely cause of spouses losing weight together. The evaluation of the study showed that the partners consumed fewer calories and a lower fat diet. Apparently they adopted many of the behavioral changes made by their trained wives or husbands: they regularly checked their weight and the amount of calories they consumed, and avoided snacks between meals.

Radical cures are useless

In any case, only a permanent change in diet can be successful, says Siegmund: “Short-term diets or radical cures are actually rather counterproductive, because they lead to weight gain when you return to your usual diet.”

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Whoever moves more feels better. Pay attention to how you puff less or become more agile after a few weeks climbing stairs, for example. The better you feel, the stronger the motivation to keep moving.

Sarah Connor answered with the help of David Kirsch. (Photo: Imago) How do they do it? You ask yourself that every time you see Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry Co. sees floating across the red carpet – always slim and slim and radiantly beautiful. The answer is very simple: Hollywood stars seek advice from expensive fitness trainers and lose weight with the help of more or less sensible fitness and nutrition programs. We present the currently popular diets – and tell you which ones you should stay away from.

Eva Mendes, Halle Berry Co. The ten secrets of slim women

Eva Mendes: The 5-Factor Diet

Not only Eva Mendes, but also Halle Berry and model Milla Jovovich swear by what is currently the hottest diet in Hollywood. The so-called 5-factor diet was developed by US star trainer Harley Pasternak and is – unlike most star diets – gentle and suitable for everyday use. The program is based on five principles that should result in seven kilos of weight loss within five weeks. These include, for example, five meals a day, five times 25 minutes of fitness training per week and a total of five sinful days – those are days when you can snack on chocolate, gummy bears and other sins. Otherwise, five nutritional principles apply, for example avoiding sugar, getting plenty of fiber and paying attention to “good” and “bad” fats. Overall, a pretty reasonable, but also mundane weight loss program. It remains to be seen whether you can actually lose seven kilos in five weeks.

Victoria Beckham as a “thin bitch”

The “Skinny Bitch” diet is probably the opposite of the 5-factor diet and is intended for women who primarily want to be thin – regardless of the price. “Skinny Bitch” means “thin bitch”.to kill a mockingbird essay conclusion The fact that Victoria Beckham of all people should be the most famous supporter seems more than appropriate. The program is as radical as the title: It not only bans alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes, but also all animal foods and replaces milk, yogurt and meat with soy products. The program is unlikely to be healthy, as a vegan diet can lead to deficiency symptoms. So it’s better to stay where it belongs: with the stars and starlets who willingly pay any price for their looks.

Sarah Connor: Power diet with risk

30 kilos less in three months – Sarah Connor made this dream come true after the birth of her daughter – with the help of a power program from Hollywood coach David Kirsch. This had also helped Heidi Klum to regain her dream figure in a short time after her pregnancies. However, experts warn against crash diets of this kind. Fitness trainer Kirsch (The Ultimate New York Diet, The Ultimate New York Body Plan) is controversial as his advice contradicts all common dietary recommendations. The power plans are characterized by hard fitness training and a strict, low-calorie, high-protein diet. The meager diet can even be harmful to health in the long term.

Demi Moore: Slim with the “Fresh Diet”

The “Fresh Diet” allegedly practiced by Demi Moore is not quite as radical. The program was developed by an American biochemist and provides for a strict division of meals into 30 percent fat and protein and 40 percent carbohydrates. This is supposed to keep the body’s own hormones in balance. In line with the program, there is a delivery service that delivers fresh meals to your home on time. Sounds tempting, but for the average woman it is probably as utopian as the rest of the life of the stars …

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Svea is proud of what she has achieved. (Photo: Svea Longen) Almost a year ago, Svea started her “Weight Loss” project. The student reported several times a week how she was doing in her diet blog on the lifestyle portal. She has achieved her goal of losing 15 kilos within a year. How she managed to do this without a strict diet and how blog writing helped her, Svea reports exclusively in an interview.

Lifestyle editorial team: Congratulations! Losing weight didn’t seem too difficult for you. Or is the impression wrong?

Svea: “No, the impression is not misleading. It was actually easier than expected. It was the hardest at the beginning. It took a few weeks for me to get used to regular meals and to snack less. With Over time such a routine developed and it got easier and easier. I wouldn’t have thought that. “

Lifestyle editorial team: Did you lose weight with a special diet or changed your diet in general?

Svea a year ago: round and with a big chocolate appetite. (Photo: Svea Longen)

Svea: “I changed my diet and did sport two or three times a week. I never used to have breakfast, only ate something at lunchtime and really pecked myself in the evening. To lose weight, I have gotten into the habit of eating something sensible three times a day and even small ones Plan in between meals. I have started to eat more consciously, not just go to the refrigerator and help myself there. Over time, I have noticed that my body is doing better with it and even the desire for chocolate has largely disappeared. “

Lifestyle Editor: What was the most difficult thing for you to lose weight?

Svea: “It was most difficult when I had to study or when I was under stress. Sometimes I felt like eating in the evenings. Fortunately, I had great support from my friends.”  

Lifestyle editorial team: Most people lack stamina or motivation. What’s your main tip?

Svea today: slim and active. (Photo: Svea Longen)

Svea: “Even if it sounds banal: You have to believe in yourself and keep an eye on your goal. I kept saying to myself” You can do it, Svea! “- and that’s how it was.”

Lifestyle editorial team: You were under “observation” almost the whole time through your blog. Was that annoying or helpful?

Svea: “That was very helpful, it really motivated me. You feel, so to speak, obliged to tell the readers something – and to present them with another success after a dry spell. It was harder for me to confess the setbacks – but there Then there was so much positive feedback and encouragement, that helped again. ” 

Lifestyle Editor: Most people only think until the end of the diet. Do you have a strategy for how you will maintain your weight?

Svea: “I’m going to continue like last year. Since I didn’t have a special diet, but changed my diet, I hope it won’t be too difficult for me. I also want to continue with my fitness. I’m proud of that what I’ve achieved and who knows – maybe another five kilos will fall. ”

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Don’t start tomorrow or next week, ideally today. The first step is often the hardest, but it motivates further activity.

“I don’t eat much at all!” Those who believe this, but still gain rather than lose weight, are obviously not aware of how many calories there are in daily food. Hidden fattening foods lurk in sauces – including salads -, in drinks, pastries, dairy products and snacks.

Most people exercise too little in everyday life. Many distances are covered by car, and television or the computer encourage long periods of sitting.

In the study, stressed people were particularly keen on salty nibbles. “The stress hormone adrenaline triggers this appetite,” says study director Cynthia Power.

Change your diet slowly. At the beginning, set yourself small but realistic goals that you can stick to in the long term. For example, you shouldn’t completely forbid yourself from snacking, but rather limit it, for example to twice a week or, alternatively, a small amount every day. A diet should allow at least 1200 kilocalories per day, otherwise the yo-yo effect threatens.

When we sweat in the sauna, we can recharge our batteries. But sweating is not the same as sweating: Depending on the type of sauna, a distinction must be made between an effective and a less effective sweat output.

Rules for sauna-goers

Photo series with 6 pictures

Sweating serves to cool the body naturally

Why do we actually sweat in the sauna? The answer is simple: the body notices the increased temperature and tries to keep the body’s own level at around 36 degrees. In the course of this, the natural cooling mechanism of humans sets in – better known as sweating. The expulsion of fluids is supposed to cool the body down. In this context, the comparison between a classic Finnish sauna and a modern bio or steam sauna is interesting: In the Finnish sauna there is a temperature of around 80 to 110 degrees Celsius and almost zero percent humidity. The air is accordingly dry and can absorb a lot of sweat from our body. We hardly notice this process and think that we don’t sweat that much – even though the body’s own cooling system has long been running at full speed. Accordingly, we sweat effectively and release a lot of fluid into the air. (The specifics of the Irish steam bath)

Sweating in a bio or steam sauna is less effective

The situation is different in the bio or steam sauna: Here the temperature is around 45 to 60 ° C and the humidity is often 50% or more. In plain language: The air in the cabin is already sufficiently filled with liquid and can hardly take any additional load from our body. In the course of this, the liquid condenses along our body. This makes us think that we are sweating excessively when we are not. Accordingly, the expulsion of fluids in this form of sauna is less effective than in the classic Finnish version. Regardless of this, the following applies: If you go to the sauna more often, you literally train your sweating – over time the body sweats more and faster. (A cultural asset with tradition: the Finnish steam sauna)

Even if it has nothing to do with losing weight at first glance: Only sensible time management can help against the figure trap stress. Don’t think of food as a necessary minor matter; plan your meals. Also, look for relaxation methods to help manage the stress. Yoga, autogenic training or even walks can help.

Keep enjoying your food, but choose your foods a little more carefully. It is better to enjoy foods rich in fat and calories in smaller portions.

(Source: Slim without a diet, by I. Kiefer, M. Kunze, R.Schoberberger)

While eating, people watch TV, make phone calls or continue working. You hardly notice what you are eating and whether you are still hungry or already full.

(Source: Slim without a diet, by I. Kiefer, M. Kunze, R.Schoberberger)

You always save what you like best until the end. Which means that you continue to eat even when you are actually already full.

(Source: Slim without a diet, by I. Kiefer, M. Kunze, R.Schoberberger)

Don’t put yourself banned. Eat your fill of healthy, low-fat foods. Small sins are allowed every now and then. But then eat slowly and with pleasure. Those who often crave sweets should have fruit or dried fruit ready. If you crave salty food, pretzel sticks or a spicy herb quark are an alternative to chips or fast food. Sometimes it also helps to wait a quarter of an hour and distract yourself. Some cravings then go away by themselves.

People with jealousy were particularly noticeable in Power’s experiments: They stuffed everything they could find into themselves.

Every time you eat something fatty or sweet, you feel guilty. And you make the resolution: everything will be better tomorrow. You want to control yourself, be sensible and the like. But it never comes to that.

(Source: Slim without a diet, by I. Kiefer, M. Kunze, R.Schoberberger)

What is actually supposed to reduce weight often becomes the biggest figure trap: radical diets cause the yo-yo effect. The cause are goals that are set too high or calorie restrictions too high. However, starvation diets or demanding sports programs can rarely be maintained over a longer period of time. After the diet, the pounds will then put on the hips even faster.

Stressed people tend to get fat, according to a recent study. No wonder, because those who have little time often eat alongside, grabbing fast food or “nerve food” such as chocolate Co.

Often we do not eat out of hunger, but rather to comfort ourselves in frustration or boredom.

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