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Online Ivermectin (Stromectol) ordering is fast, convenient, and it is the best option for people in self-isolation or those who cannot leave home for various reasons. At the same time, online pharmacies set a lower mark-up for medicines since they do not have rent payments in their costs.


Londis (Rating: 3.4) [34 Crown Ln, Morden SM4 5BL, United Kingdom | +44 20 8540 9566 |]

Londis is amazing, the customer service is by far the best I’ve ever had as far as dealing with a pharmacy, they are so accommodating and so nice it’s almost too good to be true but it is true they are extremely professional and very very accommodating, and it’s nice to know that there’s a pharmacy that actually cares. I’ve been to quite a few pharmacies, especially the big chain pharmacies, and they are just not very nice. These people actually care about you, and it shows, so I wanted to thank them very much for all they’ve done for me, definitely appreciative of it. Definitely give them a try if you’re in Palm Beach gardens. It’s well worth it, or even if you have to travel a little bit, it’s definitely well worth it. So they got my recommendation 100%.

They take forever to answer the pickup phone. With a total of 4 parking for pickup, we had to park in the slot next to the vehicle parked in 4. Whoever answered the phone told us they couldn’t be running all over the parking lot. He told us to move into 4. Rude. Then he told us it would be over 10 minutes before they could bring it out. The punishment, I guess. So here we sit in 4, waiting for the poor overworked tech.

Sutton Pharmacy Surrey (Rating: 4.3) [86 Westmead Rd, Sutton SM1 4HY, United Kingdom | +44 20 8642 8763 |]

The best service I’ve ever had. She has the most smiles by staff, and I always have a great conversation & most importantly, great assistance with Jane Nicholson. She is a true leader in her community and Sutton Pharmacy Surrey.

So many stores have been so negatively affected by a coronavirus. However, throughout the pandemic, I have needed several new medications that have been filled immediately after the doctor put them in. Each time I have picked them up directly after leaving the doctor’s office and/or emergency room. The pharmacists are always attentive and knowledgeable, and very polite given the influx of business during such a chaotic time.

Daily Chemist (Rating: 4.4) [Daily Chemist, Acorn House, Longshot Ln, Binfield, Bracknell RG12 1RL, United Kingdom | +44 20 3318 3083 |]

The past 6 times I’ve gone to Daily Chemist, my prescriptions have not been ready even though I was told they would be. Then, in addition, they took it upon themselves to change the medication I was taking because they deemed it too expensive and moved me to another brand without asking. I’m not happy with the level of service I’ve been receiving.

The service here is excellent. We had a need for COVID 19 testing and were seen right away. It’s a Rapid test, so it only took 10 minutes or so for the results. No appointment was needed. All of that was expected as they advertise those very things. What was NOT expected was the service we received in our initial phone call. The young lady we talked to was very informative and professional. When I asked her what free options were out there, she gave me suggestions and even offered to get the info needed from those organizations and call me back. She demonstrated the care that a true healthcare professional needs to excel. The sale was not her top priority, easing the concerns and pains of a patient was. I would recommend it to any and all.

Pearl Chemist Group (Rating: 4.4) [58 Central Rd, Morden SM4 5RP, United Kingdom | +44 20 8648 4242 |]

Very rude and slow pharmacy workers. And once even heard them gossiping about a customer’s insurance that had expired, and the tech was annoyed having to explain prices/options to the customer. Have some empathy. I always use CVS, but when in a pinch, this Pearl Chemist Group is close to where I live, and I hate coming here. Total lack of professionalism and customer service.

Awesome!! I don’t take regular medications but had to stop in one day for syringes since I ran out. My mom is a diabetic and needs injections twice a day. The pharmacist and staff were very helpful in getting what I needed for my furbaby.

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