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Protection Methods For OkCupid Users. Will it be safe to make use of OkCupid?

Protection Methods For OkCupid Users. Will it be safe to make use of OkCupid?

And that means you’ve gotten the courage as much as get yourself a free account on OkCupid and you’re now willing to go into the global realm of internet dating. Online dating sites on OkCupid could be both a mystical place that is magical a dark frightening one aswell, dependent on whom you meet, that which you share, and exactly what your potential dates do with that information.

The big concern: how can you place your self on the market on OkCupid while still keeping some standard of privacy?

Never Use Any Part of one’s name that is real in Profile Title

Let’s face it, creepers are gonna creep. Don’t ensure it is too possible for them. Once you create an OkCupid username, you’re making an alias which will be what folks on the webpage will know you by. You place your self in danger from a privacy point of view by placing part or your name that is whole in an alias.

Creepers may take this title, at once up to Twitter or other social networking web site, and make use of it to look you up and discover a whole lot more information about you, and potentially your family members. Create a fun alias, it is way more fun and innovative than with your name that is real anyhow.

Limit the Amount of private Info You Share in Your Profile

Another crucial element of building your own personal profile on OkCupid is placing interesting information on your self in your profile to try and attract that unique some body.

The maximum amount of as you might like to record particulars such as for instance in which you visited college, in which you work, etc, don’t take action. The reason why: some one could aggregate these details along with other information they find on the web to get you within the world that is real.

Keep it because generic as you can. Rather than listing exactly exactly what college you went along to, just say “went to school within the south” that is dirty.

Consider utilizing a Individual Current Email Address for Dating-Related E-mail

Once again, you intend to take control of your private information the maximum amount of as feasible. Making use of a contact account that isn’t connected with such a thing aside from your dating tasks, could be worthwhile considering because if dating website creepers get hold of your genuine current email address, they are able to effortlessly search than you might want them to for it on Facebook and likely obtain your Facebook profile which helps them get to know you better.

There are lots of free and email that is disposable available such as for example Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

Start thinking about Turning OFF Location Services for the OkCupid Mobile Phone App

Numerous dating apps, including OkCupid, will utilize your phone’s GPS for the intended purpose of determining which potential fits you may be near. Although this appears like a good thing, it’s also possibly dangerous.

Supplying information on your local area not merely tells prospective strangers, creepers, and crooks what your location is, but it also informs them where you’re perhaps maybe maybe not. In case your profile states you reside Springfield, however your present location programs Fairfax then this let’s possible criminals realize that this could be a great time to rob your home because, apparently, you’re perhaps not there.

Then they know exactly where you live if they’ve used other elements in your profile to obtain your full name and address.

Less Is Much More, Consider Skipping the Racy Issues

There are many acutely provocative concerns on OkCupid you waplog login might want to consider opting out of some of the racier questions unless you are trying to attract a very specific type of person. Additionally, your responses to those relevant concerns might return to haunt you later on if individuals you understand, such as for example your colleagues, glance at your answers and make use of them to harm your reputation.

Block and/or Report Abusive Matches

If all of your matches harass or intimidate you, utilize the apps blocking function by them again so you won’t be bothered. Them to OkCupid through the “report” function in the app if they get really ugly, consider reporting.

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