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A common question facing people unpacking a new PC (or booting up a reinstall of Windows): What should I install first? Unlocker takes care of files and folders that cannot be deleted in Windows. During our in-house tests we learned that F-Secure Anti-Virus isn’t as capable at stopping internet threats from downloading and infecting our computers as its internet security solution, F-Secure Internet Security This is because the basic antivirus program lacks secure browsing features that are included with the other program.

This is because not every screencasting application is suited for all the recording needs that one may have. EarTrumpet has been regarded as one of the top audio control apps on Windows 10. Instead of adding a bulky new interface to make your way through, EarTrumpet essentially expands on the existing Windows 10 audio mixer UI. Through Your Phone, you can open, view, duplicate, and share files from your phone and reply to texts from your PC.

Note: This tip relies on the Group Policy Editor, which isn’t available in some versions of Windows 7. Thus, this tip will not work if you have the Home Premium, Starter, or Home Basic editions of Windows 7. Windows Key + PrtSc- To capture the entire screen and save it. That’s why it only makes sense to choose the right tool to use when recovering your lost or deleted files. Whether you have loads of apps open or a week’s worth of Office documents, virtual desktops lets you organise your space.

Clearly, Microsoft has abandoned the superimposed-menus effect of Windows XP. Rather than covering up the regularly scheduled Start menu, the All Programs list replaces it (or at least the left-side column of it). Alongside the Windows features, Microsoft has added new functionality to Office, such as integration of To-Do tasks in Outlook. System Explorer – An enhanced task manager with support for monitoring and modifying system processes, start-up programs, system services, drivers, shell extensions, and more.

Writer also includes the ability to export Portable Document Format (PDF) files with no additional software, and can also function as a WYSIWYG editor for creating and editing web pages. Some of the other programs I mention below run inside Windows. If your Start menu is locked then on your Keyboard press on the following keys – CTRL + ALT + Delete Then a window will appear, click on Sign Out. PC cleaning apps are digital snake oil.

Right: The All Programs menu replaces the left column of the Start menu, listing all your software. In the Start menu, search for recovery, and open the Recovery option. Keeping one’s computer documents as safe as possible is an everyday task for most users, and they resort to creating regular, if not daily, backups just to ensure that hardware failure or malware infections cannot damage their data. 69. EditPad Lite – EditPad Lite can be a replacement for the Notepad app on your PC. It’s a basic tool with all the features you need to write and edit codes on your computer.

To enable this action, simply head over to Start > Settings > Update & security > For developers and click the ‘Sideload app’ option. That brand new installation of Windows is lean and mean and lighting fast, but it’s lacking some of the must-have applications we use all the time as PC gamers. In case of non-urgent updates users can also define the maintenance window time from our web console to happen at any point within the next 7 days.

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