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Additive production of Series Parts as much as 1 Meter in total. Innovation Stories What the EOS P 770 Is Accomplishing for the clients

Additive production of Series Parts as much as 1 Meter in total. Innovation Stories What the EOS P 770 Is Accomplishing for the clients

Develop rate of 5.6 l/h having a packaging thickness of 5%

Greatest develop area in the marketplace

System loaded with 2 lasers that are powerful


Because of the available variety of 9 synthetic materials and 9 material/layer depth combinations, EOS could be the frontrunner in product diversity. Additionally, the EOS ParameterEditor enables you to define customized publicity parameters centered on proven values that are starting.

Component Quality

The established EOSAME feature homogenizes the power input, ensuring exceptional component mechanics and dimensional precision through the whole entire create amount. There aren’t any noticeable sides within the overlapping area associated with the lasers.

Expense Decrease

The temperature that is optimized, enhanced layering speed and effective lasers significantly decrease the create time and therefore the part costs.

Technical Information

EOS P 770

Additively produced components let us test design that is various quickly and cheaply. EOS machines additionally give you the part that is required and dimensional precision effectively.

EOS technology is a process that is robust yields identical outcomes. We defined the technical properties of each and every part and effectively confirmed that the EOS system satisfies our specs and achieves the product that is same with every create purchase.

Innovation Stories What the EOS P 770 Is Accomplishing for the clients

Efficient and resource-conserving manufacturing of elements for commercial aircrafts making use of additive production by EOS.

Easier, faster, less expensive construction of design prototypes when it comes to front wing cascades of Formula 1 race vehicles.

Small-series production with 3D publishing: Additive production of thin-walled tube that is fluorescent for the onboard information displays of ICE trains with EOS review techniques

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Polymer Materials for the EOS P 770

EOS has excellent materials expertise and a thorough profile of highly developed synthetic and polymer materials for additive production. All materials, systems and process parameters fit together optimally. This enables you to definitely recognize the required property pages into the most useful feasible means for your products or services.


Alumide is just a grey that is metallic aluminium-filled polyamide 12 powder, which can be described as its high tightness, metallic look and good post-processing possibilities.

PA 1101

The white, light-transmissive, additively parts that are manufactured described as high effect opposition and elongation at break.

PA 1102 black colored

PA 1102 black is really a mass-colored black colored polyamide 11 powder, that is optimized for the utilization as being a laser sintering material.

PA 2200

The house profile of durable components created from PA 2200 is quite balanced: such components are seen as an power, rigidity and good chemical opposition. Also they are certified and biocompatible for experience of foodstuffs.

PA 2201

Components created from untreated polyamide 12 powder may also be white but appear somewhat more clear. This product is authorized for experience of foodstuffs (Food And Drug Administration, 21 CFR).

PA 3200 GF

Parts produced from this white polyamide 12 powder full of cup beads are impressive because of their high rigidity and good elongation at break. Also, they are specially resistant to put on and thermally resilient.

PrimeCastВ® 101

PrimeCast 101, a grey powder on polystyrene foundation, is suitable specifically for investment casting because of its exemplary dimensional precision and its low melting point.

PrimePart FR (PA 2241 FR)

This polyamide-12-based product is white and possesses a halogen flame retardant. Because of its good refreshability, it really is really cost-efficient when compared with other flame-retardant materials.

EOS TPU 1301

The components made of this white product are exceedingly hydrolysis-resistant, with a high resilience and good tribological properties.

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