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According to the mayor, the Tulsa venue is in a state of emergency and there is also a curfew for the city center to prevent possible rioting.

According to the mayor, the Tulsa venue is in a state of emergency and there is also a curfew for the city center to prevent possible rioting.

But there is still a lot to do. “” Tesla wants to manufacture the compact SUV Model Y in Grünheide in the Oder-Spree district near Berlin from 2021 onwards. Construction of the factory should start in the first half of 2020. At the beginning of December, the conclusion of the purchase agreement was considered possible this year.

According to the Brandenburg head of government, Tesla boss Elon Musk is informed about the progress of the negotiations that were going on at Tesla on the working level. “” It is progressing, “said Woidke, speaking of an ambitious schedule. The Prime Minister said the site was secured and planned. “” Now it is about the approval process, which mainly deals with environmental issues. The state authorities are ready so that the necessary permits can be issued in accordance with the law. “” When both sides have signed the purchase contract for the land, the budget committee of the state parliament still has to approve the deal.

According to the state parliament, this can in fact no longer happen in the Christmas week. From Monday there is no session. A committee can be called in urgent cases, but only under certain conditions. Source:, mau / dpa “In Saxony, too, electric fences for defense against wild animals including fragrance components have already been set up. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) The border between Brandenburg and Poland is around 280 kilometers long, and fences will be erected on around half of the route from Friday to prevent wild boars from reaching Germany from Poland.

Because the African swine fever continues to spread across the border, the state of Brandenburg will start building protective fences against African swine fever, or ASF for short, on Friday at the Polish border. This is announced by the Ministry of Consumer Protection. The risk of infected wild boars being brought into Germany from western Poland is increasing, the first game protection fences are to be erected near Guben in the Spree-Neisse district. The prevention measures also focus on the Oder-Spree district and the city of Frankfurt (Oder).

Mobile electric and scented fences are set up. So far, construction is planned along 120 kilometers of the 280-kilometer border between Brandenburg and Poland. The game protection fences should be used locally and temporarily depending on the risk situation along the Neisse and Oder rivers. The state of Brandenburg bears the costs for the construction of the fences, the decision on the exact route is made by the districts. The fences cost a total of around 160,000 euros and are around 90 centimeters high. So far, no case of African swine fever (ASF) in a wild or domestic pig has been known in biology essay writing service uk

But even with the first detection there is a threat of economic consequences: pork exports to countries outside the EU such as China or other Asian countries would be stopped. Within the European Union, however, trade could largely be maintained. In China, the disease has decimated the pig population and significantly increased the price of meat – and thus the cost of living as a whole. Source:, asc / dpa “According to the country, Brandenburg and the US electric car manufacturer Tesla have decided to sell of the property for the planned factory for electric cars near Grünheide was agreed.

The state chancellery announced that the purchase contract was in place. Source: “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of Brandenburg The Californian electric car manufacturer Tesla needs thousands of workers for its new factory in Brandenburg. The search has begun , even if the first groundbreaking has not yet been done. Skilled workers are rare, but the employment agency in Frankfurt an der Oder is optimistic. The local population protests, there may still be duds from the Second World War in the ground and yet Tesla signs the purchase contract for one Property in Brandenburg.

Factory construction is taking on concrete forms. The country will receive almost 40 million euros for this – for the time being. In Grünheide near Berlin, Tesla wants to soon build a factory and then cars.

Opinions are divided in the small community. Some welcome the plans of company boss Elon Musk, others want to prevent the work. In a demo, both sides clash. Against the planned Tesla plant in Brandenburg new resistance is stirring. This time a job advertisement causes displeasure.

Among other things, fluent knowledge of Polish is required. Apparently, the employees should not only come from the immediate environment. By Diana Dittmer A small plane crashes at a commercial airport in Strausberg, Brandenburg.

Both inmates are killed in the accident. The criminal police are investigating suspicion of negligent homicide. The exit from coal power has long been a done deal.

But how exactly this should take place was still open and controversial. A big step forward now seems to have been made – the details will follow. Even before the purchase contract for the property is signed, resistance is stirring against the planned Tesla plant in Brandenburg. With a citizens’ office, the residents should be better informed in the future. Politicians are already issuing warnings that the mood will turn.

For years, a five-year-old in Eberswalde is said to have been massively neglected – although the youth welfare office looked after her family. Due to a lack of information, the public prosecutor’s office initially investigated against unknown persons. But now the youth welfare office has to pass on the file.

In the case of the neglected five-year-old girl from Brandenburg, the authorities admit possible mistakes. The youth welfare office tried to help the family for more than two years. But it was not until December 2019 that the district took all three children into state custody after there was a report of danger. A child is said to have lived under the worst conditions in Eberswalde in Brandenburg, completely on their own and without daylight.

The five-year-old girl has been treated in the hospital since Christmas, and the public prosecutor’s office is now intervening. “You can already buy Trump fan shirts in Tulsa today. (Photo: REUTERS) Rapidly rising numbers of corona cases do not prevent US President Trump from resuming the election campaign at full speed. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, up to 100,000 supporters are expected For the expected counter-demonstrators, Trump has few welcoming words left. Before his first mass rally since the beginning of the corona crisis in the USA, US President Donald Trump issued a sharp warning to participants in protests. “” All demonstrators, anarchists “Troublemakers, looters or rabble who come to Oklahoma, please understand that you are not being treated like in New York, Seattle or Minneapolis,” Trump wrote on Twitter, playing on what he saw as the lax reactions of some states Demonstrations following the death of the African-American George Floyd, some of which initially led to rioting. Trump will appear on Saturday evening. 00 a.m. CEST on Sunday) in Tulsa in the US state of Oklahoma – while protests against racism and police violence in the country continue and the corona crisis continues.

The city had initially imposed a night curfew until Sunday for fear of unrest, the mayor G.T. Bynum, however, picked up again according to media reports. The city administration assumes that more than 100,000 people could gather.

Counter-demonstrations are also planned. Police chief Karen Keith told CNN: “” We have a beautiful city and I just don’t want to see it destroyed “”. She asked all visitors to treat Tulsa well.

Because of the ongoing corona pandemic, the organizers announced that participants would have a fever and that disinfectants and masks would be given out. However, it is highly questionable whether the participants in the crowd – especially within the closed arena – can keep enough distance from one another. Trump recently boasted that there would be no vacant space, and the corona pandemic in the United States has developed worryingly in almost half of the states. In many regions, the number of new infections every day recently reached highs – including Oklahoma. In the Tulsa district, the level has been significantly higher in the past ten days than in the weeks since March.

Participants in the Trump rally on Saturday had to agree when registering that the organizers could not be held responsible for Covid-19 disease and possible consequences. White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany assured that the event would be Trump’s run safely. At the same time, she accused the media of hypocrisy because the mass protests against racism and police violence in the past few weeks after the death of George Floyd had been accompanied less critically. These demonstrations, sometimes by tens of thousands across the country, seem to have had little influence on the new infections so far. This could also be due to the fact that they are running in the open air, the participants often keep their distance from one another and wear masks. Trump had also aroused resentment with his performance plans because he actually wanted to hold the rally on Friday, when “Juneteenth” was celebrated in the USA.

On June 19, the United States commemorates the end of slavery. Tulsa was also the scene of a massacre of the black population by a white mob on June 1, 1921.

Historians rate this as the worst incident of its kind in the United States since the end of the Civil War. Hundreds of people were killed then. Given the originally planned date and Tulsa as the location, Trump had been accused of encouraging right-wing extremists. Republican Trump is running for a second term in the November presidential election.

The corona crisis almost brought the election campaign to a standstill – Trump’s last rally took place in March. According to campaign manager Brad Parscale, tens of thousands of people will now be able to attend the event in Tulsa, which will be held inside and outside an arena. There are several places on the premises where the president can speak, Parscale told Fox News. The election campaign event will resemble a festival. The city of Tulsa said there were indications that members of organized groups who had been involved in “” destructive and violent “” actions in other states were planning to come to the city to create disturbance around the rally.

Source:, jog / dpa “Trump supporters are already on site in Tulsa. It is the US President’s first election campaign appearance in several months. (Photo: dpa) After the forced Corona break, President Trump will be on Saturday The venue Tulsa is according to the mayor in a state of emergency and there is also a curfew for the city center to prevent possible rioting.

Trump, on the other hand, is already threatening counter-demonstrators. The US city of Tulsa has imposed a curfew around the election campaign event planned for Saturday by President Donald Trump and declared a state of emergency for the city. Mayor G.T. Bynum justified this in his order with possible protests against the election campaign appearance and the fear of riots.

According to the police, “” members of organized groups involved in destructive and violent behavior in other states “” wanted to travel to Tulsa and cause “” unrest. “” More than “” in the days surrounding Trump’s campaign appearance 100,000 “” people expected in the area around the BOK Center event venue, Bynum said. The curfew affects part of the city center around the BOK Center, where Trump wants to perform in front of around 20,000 supporters on Saturday. It came into force on Friday night and is valid until Sunday morning with interruptions. Meanwhile, Trump threatened possible violent demonstrators with crackdown on the security forces: “” Protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters or pack “” would be “” treated “” differently than in New York, Seattle or Minneapolis: “” It will be completely different! “” The President had accused the authorities of the three cities of not being determined enough against riots on the sidelines of the mostly peaceful protests after the death of the African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation In recent weeks, Trump had repeatedly called for tough action by the security forces and even threatened military action. This met with massive criticism, and Trump’s Defense Minister Mark Esper clearly distanced himself from the president’s threat.

Critics accuse the president of adding to tensions after Floyd’s death with his comments on the protests and thereby creating a climate of violence. The president will make his first campaign appearance on Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after a three-month hiatus over the Keep the coronavirus pandemic. The appearance met with criticism for several reasons: The health authorities fear a large number of new coronavirus infections at the major event, Tulsa was also the site of one of the worst racially motivated massacres in recent US history. In 1921 a white mob killed up to 300 black people in the city.

Many see the appearance of the right-wing populist Trump as a provocation. Originally, the president had already wanted to appear in Tulsa on Friday. This caused outrage because on June 19, the so-called “” Juneteenth “”, the nationwide commemoration of the abolition of slavery in 1865. The president finally postponed the event for one day. Source:, ysc / AFP “He is one of the most experienced miners.

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